Calacatta palissandra クォーツ ゴールド シリカ サプライヤー


設計 Base:  Calacatta Series Quartz

終えた:   彧;磨いた;革;

1/4 round;1/4 round T&B;
1/4 beveled;1/4 beveled T&B;

5028パリサンドラ blue カラカッタクォーツ Suppliers 

   The Calacatta series quartz is currently the most popular quartz stone product.Exquisite and unique,カラカッタクォーツ stuns the senses with its clean whites and striking through-body marble look veining.With its beautiful striking wide vein pattern and luxurious feel. This quartz offers the natural look of the Calacatta marble, but with none of the drawbacks that come with marble worktops. Calacatta quartz is a very durable worktop that is stain and scratch resistant meaning it is also a very practical choice for kitchen and バスルームカウンタートップs, stairs, window sills, custom furniture, interior, exterior wall and floor applications, water jet pattern and other design projects.
   カラカッタクォーツ is made from natural components, but strong, durable and low-porosity, which makes stone products made of quartz practically wear-free. Durability, comfort and consistent pattern are the main reasons for the growing popularity of quartz stone. Quartz stone is 90% natural stone, the rest is glue, dyes and additives that improve the technical properties of the stone.Water permeability and stain resistance complements the beauty of quartz stone.Calacatta ホワイトクォーツ is arguably the best countertop material.
    GOLDTOP Stone the leading supplier of the Quartz Stone.Now we have more than 100+ common colors and special colors as per customer’s design, Our Quartz Stone are exported to USA Canada Australia UK Germany......more than 20 countries. Now GOLDTOP Stone has been recognized as one of the best Quartz Stone supplier from China.
   GOLDTOP QUARTZは、SGS、IAF、CE、NSF、直接接触フードズームで使用できる安全な製品として認定されています。当社の厳格な品質管理システムは、お客様が受け取る各スラブが正しい品質であることを保証します。私たちは、世界中のお客様との長期的かつ専門的なビジネス関係を築くことを楽しみにしています。GOLDTOP QUARTZへようこそ。

5028パリサンドラ カラカッタクォーツ Gold Silica Suppliers
5028パリサンドラ カラカッタクォーツ Gold Silica Suppliers
5028パリサンドラ カラカッタクォーツ Gold Silica Suppliers


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